Residential Air Conditioning and Heating Service Plans

When it comes to air conditioning and heat pump expertise, nobody can beat Fritch, Inc. A Fritch Residential Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Comfort Plan Includes regular scheduled maintenance so we prevent some problems from occurring. 24-Hour Emergency service is available for No Heat or Dangerous situations only. All non-emergency service will be provided during normal business hours. Normal business hours are defined as work requested and dispatched Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (weather permitting) (federal & state holidays excluded.) All non-emergency service requested or dispatched after normal business hours will be billed at 1 ½ times the standard rate. By purchasing one of these plans you will receive Priority Service and you also qualify for $50 of Fritch Funds.

Basic Gas Heat Plan

Our Basic Plan Includes an Annual Tune-up plus, a 15% discount on service and repairs. By purchasing this plan, you also qualify for $50 Fritch Funds.

Annual Tune-Up

The Annual tune-up will be performed once during the Service Plan term for Air Conditioning. A Heat Pump will receive a second tune-up during the plan term. Tune-ups will be performed during regular working hours (MON – FRI, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) as scheduled by our service department. The annual tune-up includes (Where Applicable)

  • Vacuum-clean heat exchanger interior, flue pipe, and chimney stack base
  • Check gas pressures.
  • Replace air filter. (standard 1”)
  • Check and clean igniter and thermocouple.
  • Check and test all operating and safety controls.
  • Check and lubricate all motors.
  • Check and adjust fan belt.
  • Perform efficiency check using combustion testing equipment.
  • Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency

Ultimate Gas Heat Comfort Plan

Our Ultimate Plan is the ideal in home heating protection. This plan provides our highest level of coverage; it includes the Annual Tune-Up plus covers all of the parts and services listed. By purchasing this plan, you also qualify for $50 Fritch Funds.

Our Ultimate Plan Includes:


  • Single Aquastat
  • Combination Control
  • Draft Regulator
  • Emergency Switch
  • High Limit Control
  • Low Limit Control
  • Low Water Cut-off (electronic)
  • Pressuretrol
  • Primary Control (standard type)
  • Reverse Aquastat
  • Triple Aquastat

Warm Air Systems

  • Blower Bearings & Shaft
  • Blower Belt
  • Blower Motor (up to 1/2 hp)PSC
  • Blower Pulleys
  • Fan & Limit Control

Gas Burner Parts

  • Burner Orifices
  • Burner Tubes
  • Gas Valves (standard)
  • Gas Valve Orifices
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Pilot Burner
  • Pilot Tube
  • Pressure Switch
  • Sensor
  • Thermocouple
  • Solenoid Coil
  • Solenoid Valve

Venting Parts

  • Flue Pipe (max 10" diameter,
  • up to 10’ length)
  • Flue Damper
  • Gas Cock Valve
  • PVC Vent Pipe (max 10’)
  • Isolated Gas Pipe

Hot Water Systems

  • Air Valves
  • Altitude & Temperature Gauge
  • Boiler Feeder
  • Expansion or Diaphragm Tank
  • Gauge Glass
  • Mixing Valve Element
  • Relief Valve ¾”

Up to $75.00 Discount toward:

  • Sensor Ignition Module
  • Smart Gas Valve
  • ECM Motor
  • Fan Inducer Circuit Board
  • Fan Inducer Motor Assembly
  • Fan Wheel
  • Main Circuit Board

Main Zone Only*


  • Circulator Relay*
  • Circulator Coupling*
  • Circulator Motor (low velocity)*
  • Circulator Motor Mounts*
  • Circulator Wicking*
  • Circulator Bearing Assemblies*
  • Circulators Complete (cartridge type)*
  • Flow Valves*
  • Thermostat & Subbase (manual)*
  • Zone Valves*

* Main Zone is Zone that includes Living Room

Fritch Funds

It is our goal to reward our loyal service plan customers. For each consecutive year you purchase a comfort service plan, you earn $50 Funds (up to a maximum of $500 per plan). You can use all or a portion of these credits toward the purchase of heating and cooling equipment. Check the figures below to see how much you can redeem. Credits are not transferable to other homeowners. Credits cannot be transferred from one plan to another. They have value only as a credit toward the following equipment purchased from Fritch, Inc.

Boiler $500
Basement or Above Ground Oil Tanks $150
Heat Pump System $150
Oil Fired Water Heater $150
Furnace $300
Central AC System $150

Optional Additional Coverage available with the purchase of any plan:

Hot Water Heater Plan
(Oil, gas, electric or indirect water heaters/storage tanks)

  • Coverage includes burner parts, aquastat, controls, and emergency switch.
  • Annual tune-up of burner (if present) is included. Tune-up will be performed in conjunction with tune-up of your heating system.
  • Does not qualify for Fritch Funds.

Humidifier Plan

  • Annual tune-up is included and will be performed in conjunction with the tune-up of your heating system.
  • Parts covered include Humidifier Float, Humidifier Solenoid, and Humidifier Pad.
  • Does not qualify for Fritch Funds.

All non-emergency service requested or dispatched after normal business hours will be billed at 1 ½ times the standard rates